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>> Welcome to the new Crazy2.be
Like you can see, the new Crazy2.be is online :)
I hope you will have fun surfing this site :) and getting to know a bit about me.
If you want to know more, click the read more link.

You can use on of the many features on this site like,
- The news system with comments :D
- The quotes, you can add your own quotes!
- My dairy, like you see its my dairy :)
- My pictures, here i will upload pictures of me and pictures taken by me :) also with a kewl comment system.
- My friends, you can check the pictures of my friends. if you aint on it send me a mail with picture :)
- Contact, its a usefull way to contact me :p
- The infopages, if you want to know more about me :D

i'm also looking for some good newsposters to post news on this site , you can mail me for that :)

Thats all for now!

Comment posted by: Crazy2
glimmer heb niets verwijderd :p
gij nogal noob :D

Comment posted by: glimmer
this kwetst inplaats kwest
rofl ziede you are really drives me crazy

Comment posted by: glimmer
iedereen mag dat lezen of kwest waarheid lol
post ma wat terug
ik wacht erop en liefst rap so the battle kan go on

Comment posted by: glimmer
he gast
waar is menne vorige post gebleven die ik hier gezet heb
of trust je me niet dan zegde het ma he ik hier posten en gij deleten zo gaat de balloon niet op he robke

Comment posted by: Preach
hehe ge hed weer vette fotos erbij zeg tvd week he kerel
en verzorgd de vinger goed he
vooral as ge weet waarvoor ge hem kunt gebruiken ^^

Comment posted by: sensa
die blauwe text zuigt robby
en ik mis een kaderke voor men website in te steke :p

Comment posted by: Sucked ...
da wel

Comment posted by: Preach
jawel jawel het komt in orde
goed in eengestoken chapeau
doe zo verder
c ya int kamp ofzo!!

Comment posted by: SpYdR0
lookin good ;)

Comment posted by: battlex
u suck ! :D

Comment posted by: gT-
Good Luck :>




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