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There are 13 quotes in my database

- ik own iedereen!!!syphoN
- Ze moet lief zijn , ze moet speels zijn, ze moet geil zijn dag en nachtSveake
- Goan en blijve goan begot Sveake aka cyruskuh
- Yeah im crazy, but you know what? I dont give a FUCK!FuTuR3.be.tt
- dqfdqunknow
- Life is a dance and then you chill !Eva aka Stefanie
- leave your worries at the doorstep and forget about all this crapkarel
- [@[CB]Retail]: I believe that if I wouldn't suck professional cyberatlethe penis I wouldn't be respected for the moron that I am :/Retail|mustard
- -(+gT-) Damn you all, europe is all connected together with highways, the only thing we're connected to here is.. camels and bagdadgT-
- (@Dawgy) americans dont misspell the names of food products. (@Dawgy) we're all too fat.Crazy2
- (gT-) doesn't she take anything off in thos pics : / (smoKer-Crazy2) she was very drunk / (gT-) SO TAKE ADVANTAGE NEXT TIME !Crazy2
- ze zeggen da werken ongevaarljk is maar ik neem liever geen risico'shOmerke


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