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> Crazy2.be website stats!

Some stats u want to know :)
This site got (5) users in database, who can post news and do other stuff.
There are (19) comments posted on (5) newsitems.
I also wroted (2) diary items, and my visitors submitted (13) quotes to my database.
If you need help or info, there are (3) infopages created.
There are (9) pictures uploaded in (3) categories and there are (6) comments on the pictures.
There are (28) pictures of friends uploaded.

Most viewed newspost.
Broken finger at Crazy2 :( by Crazy2 is viewed (1621 hits).
Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear by Crazy2 is viewed (1513 hits).
Welcome to the new Crazy2.be by Crazy2 is viewed (1083 hits).
Hi this is going to be crazy by Op3r is viewed (982 hits).
smoKers fun announced by Crazy2 is viewed (935 hits).

Most watched picture.
Taken on 20 december 2003 at postiljon lommel :) is viewed (665 hits).
Here\'s a picture of me and cyruske is viewed (475 hits).
A old picture of me when i was going out. is viewed (468 hits).
A fan sign of the famous SK|aNouC is viewed (432 hits).
on the picture: me - preach - hammi - Cravero. is viewed (413 hits).

Most watched friends picture.
Dorien a.k.a Tigake at gothic is viewed (279 hits).
Belgian best case-modder :x is viewed (230 hits).
Dorien aka Tigake at end of 2003 is viewed (220 hits).
Laurake aka hockey babe is viewed (203 hits).
SpYdR0 the upcoming teacher :D is viewed (157 hits).

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